The final phase of the professional work already summarizes and evaluates the results achieved, argued and supported by other researches. It is necessary for the “writer / student” to mention the findings both from the theoretical part of the thesis and from the practical part of the thesis and to highlight the most important results of the research with proposals for solutions and recommendations for the future development of the issue.

This part of the thesis must also express a clear commitment to the issue of the “writer / student” in question, where we also mention the specific experience he enriched. The most common question in the opponent’s proceedings is the popular type: How did you enrich yourself? What helped you most to reach the conclusion? Did you meet your goals? What do you propose to improve in a particular area? And with much more similar queries, you can meet with the defense.

Goals, methods used and suggestions for other solutions to the issue

It is highly desirable for the author to highlight whether or not a predetermined target has actually been achieved and for what reason. To what extent has the researcher succeeded in achieving the goal and in what methods has the conclusions reached. Consequently, there must be no other proposals for further solutions of the issue under consideration or opinions and measures. Certainly it is appropriate that the “writer / student” mentions further use in practice and possible expectations for the future and sets out the assumption of how the phenomenon under investigation could continue to develop.