The bachelor thesis itself contains more detailed characteristics of the monitored issue, it uses a compilation approach where it defines the theoretical basis. It is good that the “writer / student” once again mentions the research methods and techniques used. This part of the thesis already contains an evaluation of the analyzes based on which it evaluates the findings and gradually synthesizes them, resulting in the application phase of the solution itself.

Arguments of the results

At this application stage, the “writer / student” already argues the results achieved in the previous part of the thesis. It evaluates the findings with reflections, comments, appropriate interpretations and justifications. It is very useful if it argues and bases the identified results or confronts the literature.

We recommend to divide this section into individual subchapters, which at the end will contain individual partial conclusions with appropriate argumentation supported by the results of other experts. Based on these findings and comparisons, it is possible for the ‘writer / student’ to either answer or confirm the answers to questions and hypotheses. Consequently, it is also advisable to set appropriate recommendations and proposals for solutions so that the work can achieve individual added value.

Stylistic modification of scientific works

If there is a large number of pictures, tables, graphs and technical aids in a professional text, it is not advisable to leave them in the main frame of the text, but we recommend placing professional work in the Appendices. In the main text only the most important technical tool is placed, which shows the currently interpreted part in the professional work.

What should be saved in attachments?

In the case of technical aids, which are only mentioned in the main text, these graphs, tables etc. they can be placed in the Attachments, and it is necessary to recall the appendix in the main text of the thesis. Attachments can include photographic documentation, manuals, maps, techniques and methods interpretations, equipment characteristics, engineering systems own outputs, and much more research resources.


Both in the theoretical part of the thesis and in the practical part, as well as in the annexes, it is necessary that the “writer / student” cites all the material taken over according to the specified citation standards (usually the ISO 690 standard – but each institution requires a specific citation, which it is necessary to check in advance). When it comes to own materials, we recommend mentioning self-citation in their own work (source: own processing). How not to stress about writing a bachelor thesis, so about it next time.